Marble Polishing

Marble is famous for countertops, flooring, tabletops, and fireplace mantle which lead to natural beauty to your home. Originally, marble has a rough surface by manual polishing it creates the beautiful shining and smooth exterior.

Problems encounter with Marble

Have you lost the shine of your marble? Florida Floor Cleaning to the rescue! With the help of our team worry less. Meanwhile, let us check the causes of dull marble:

Etched Marble

Commonly, the very marble polish killer is etched marble. This happens in a tiny spot when acid encounters the marble surface and dry on other parts of the marble surface. These common problems appear in the kitchen countertops that usually meet acidic materials such as coffee, lemon juice, wine, and salad dressing.

Dirty Film on Marble Surface

The common area that this problem occurs is in the bathroom. Usually, dry soap on the countertop can cause the dull looks of the marble surface. Also, another reason for a dull marble surface the wrong oily polishing materials are added to marble surface.

Honed Marble

Other homeowners, they used honed marble for their kitchen countertop, bathroom floors. But to change it to be shiny you need a professional to do it.

Tips to Protect the beauty of the Marble

  1. The main solution for a stained marble is to clean the affected area after use.
  2. Never use a cleaner that is not applicable for marble surface.

Eventually, this problem occurs in the long run. Fortunately, Florida Floor Cleaning has an effective machine to restore the shining and beauty of the marble.

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