Anti Slip Coating Florida

For a home surface, slippery floors are not only annoyance it is also can cause serious injury. For instance, Mable Floor and concrete garage floors can be especially slippery. Shed grease, oil, and liquids on floor surfaces are frequently at the root of the problem, but other floors are slippery even when clean. Maintaining the floor free of debris will help to reduce the floor’s slipperiness. Furthermore, there is also another substance that can add to the floor to reduce the slipperiness of clean floors. 

Here are steps for DIY best for tile, wood, and marble floors.

First, sweep dust and debris from the floor. Mop the floor with soap and warm water to abolish any grime and dirt from the floor. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly. Then, pour an Anti slip coating Florida by adding an appropriate amount of water according to the solution directions. Again, mop the solution on the floor then allow it to dry. Next, mix one part vinegar with two parts of water in a bucket. For this mixture is used to increase the amount of friction on the floor surface. Lastly, apply the vinegar mixture to the floor with a mop two to three times a week.

For Garage or Concrete Floor

The first step, sweep the dust and debris from the floor. Then, mop the floor with a soap and warm water to eliminate any grime and dirt from the floor. Make sure the floor is thoroughly dry. Combine non-skid additive with floor paint designed for concrete. And then, apply the paint and additive to the floor with a brush roller. Thoroughly dry the floor. Last, eliminate the backing from anti-slip adhesive strips and place them along the floor to add extra friction to the floor. The last step, anti-slip adhesive strips come in different colors and transparent to match the floor or decor.

Advantages of DIY Anti-Slip Coating

Likely, do it yourself anti-slip treatment will save money. It also improves the safety of the floor that will lower slip fall risks. The benefit of the DIY treatment without professional help may change the coefficient of friction increase traction, and improve floor safety. 

The disadvantages of DIY treatment

Initially, if the person who will apply the anti-slip treatment without extreme experience may eventually have the common mistakes. Such as the coefficient of friction may not have enough traction and slip fall accidents can happen again. They may use the wrong type of treatment for the floors. An experienced professional has enough training and knowledge needed to evaluate the floors, and perform slip resistance testing. The professional can choose the effective product than keeping cost in mind. Another disadvantage of DIY is that, will inquire more of the time and effort than hiring a floor specialist. If the owner did not get a professional help on the floor safety issues and slip fall risks. The slip resistance may not be performed properly. 

For a great application of the anti slip coating florida for the floor, it is better to call the professional company that will give peace of mind.